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Неосторожное обращение с оружием

В Портланде, опять же…

Результат: — погиб подросток. Просто убил своего друга.

FOREST GROVE, Ore. – Police said a Forest Grove teen’s shooting death serves as a reminder to gun owners to keep their weapons secure and away from children.

Cody Ward admitted to police that he shot his friend TJ Lester on Saturday with his father’s shotgun. He faces a manslaughter charge.

Forest Grove Police Captain Aaron Ashbaugh says young people don’t realize how dangerous guns can be.

“It’s very easy to mishandle,” said Ashbaugh. “Guns are complicated tools.”

Not only is each one different, they are not all the same quality. Sometimes they malfunction and misfire, according to Ashbaugh. Even the safety can’t always be trusted.

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