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United States of… China

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И так, вот, — тоже бывает.

Скажем, живешь ты, живешь в США.

Затем, просыпаешься, в одно прекрасное утро, и ты уже не в США, а… в Китае.

On February 11, Bloomberg Business News reported that China was seeking “guarantees” for its US Government debt (Story Here), and it now appears they got it. Well placed senior sources at the US Embassy in Beijing CONFIRM the formal written agreement was delivered by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her recent trip to China.

This means that in the event the US Government defaults on its financial obligations to China, the Communist Government of China would be permitted to physically take — inside the USA — land, buildings, factories, perhaps even entire cities – to satisfy the financial obligations of the US government.

Put simply, the feds have actually mortgaged the physical land and property of all citizens and businesses in the United States. They have given to a foreign power, their Constitutional power to “take” all of our property, as actual collateral for continued Chinese funding of US deficit spending and the continued carrying of US national debt.

Полностью — здесь, и, к сожалению — на английском.

Хотя, пора бы уж и привыкнуть. Почти в каждом магазине, здесь, больше не американской продукции, и не европейской, а?

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