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Castrate or not castrate?

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Статья из газеты The New York Times о том, что сейчас в Европе, да и не только в ней, в США — тоже, ведутся споры о том, нужно ли кастрировать людей, совершивших сексуальные преступления.

Речь идет о сексуальных насильниках, педофилах и т.д.

Poland is expected to become the first nation of the European Union to give judges the right to impose chemical castration on at least some convicted pedophiles, using hormonal drugs to curb sexual appetite; the impetus for the change was the arrest of a 45-year-old man in September who had fathered two children by his young daughter. Spain, after a convicted pedophile killed a child, is considering plans to offer chemical castration.

Last year, the governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, signed legislation requiring courts to order chemical castration for offenders convicted of certain sex crimes a second time.

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