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Статья о судействе в NBA

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Это о том, о чем я писал здесь. Статья из Newsweek.

Поскольку, больше всего это интересно мне самому — убираю под “кат”.

Во-первых, примечательно название статьи.

NBA to Coaches: Shut Up!

Вот то, о чем я писал.

While the officiating in the NBA game is often awful, it may also be an impossible task. The players are simply too big, the action too fast, for humans to catch everything. With only limited replay options available, an army of refs would be required to keep up with the mayhem and do a significantly better job of getting all those tough calls right. Unfortunately, those of us watching at home, blessed with advanced technology, can see the mistakes, which makes them even harder to stomach.

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