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Еще раз о “свином” гриппе (H1N1 flu virus)

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Нашел интересную, на мой взгляд, статью в Newsweek о “свином” гриппе.

Статья большая. К сожалению, на английском.

Несколько выдержек из статьи:

“…In 2006 the American Association of Swine Veterinarians reported that humans were passing their H1N1 viruses to pigs, causing widespread illness in swine herds, especially in the American Midwest. A year later at a county fair in Ohio an outbreak occurred, sickening many of the pigs, but not their human handlers. The cause was a type of H1N1 that was a close match to the Wisconsin strain, and may have been spread from human to pig…”

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