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Мелочь, а — приятно

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Помощник генерального менеджера (assistant general manager) команды “Trail Blazers” Том Пенн (Tom Penn) получил приглашение стать Генеральным Менеджером команды Minnesota “Timberwolves”.

И, — отказался. Том решил остаться с командой “Trail Blazers”.

Portland Trail Blazers assistant general manager Tom Penn on Monday took his name out of the running for the position after receiving a promotion from the Blazers.

Penn’s pullout, on the eve of the NBA draft lottery, follows the withdrawals of initial top candidate Dennis Lindsey of the San Antonio Spurs and former Miami Heat general manager Randy Pfund.

“It was a real tough call on his part,” Warren LeGarie, Penn’s agent, told ESPN The Magazine’s Ric Bucher, “but he’s found a home in Portland and a niche within the organization where he thought there was more to contribute to an eventual championship. The friendships and relationships there were a siren call to return.”

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