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США и Россия: разные подходы к борьбе с киберпреступностью

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Нашел интересную статью в The New York Times.

Статья о разных подходах России и США к проблеме безопасности в Сети. Если коротко, то: Россия предлагает разрабатывать договор (на примере договора о химических вооружениях), а США предлагает лучшим специалистам двух стран просто начать работать в этом направлении.

Russia favors an international treaty along the lines of those negotiated for chemical weapons and has pushed for that approach at a series of meetings this year and in public statements by a high-ranking official.

The United States argues that a treaty is unnecessary. It instead advocates improved cooperation among international law enforcement groups. If these groups cooperate to make cyberspace more secure against criminal intrusions, their work will also make cyberspace more secure against military campaigns, American officials say.

“We really believe it’s defense, defense, defense,” said the State Department official, who asked not to be identified because authorization had not been given to speak on the record. “They want to constrain offense. We needed to be able to criminalize these horrible 50,000 attacks we were getting a day.”

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