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Как скоро мы пожмем руки какому-нибудь “гуманоиду”?!

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Или, чего у него там пожать можно будет?!

В Newsweek обнаружилась статья на эту тему.

Статья, интересная. На английском.

Where we’ll go from there is still unclear. But assuming that people are as fascinated by the discovery of real-life Earths as they are by, say, Will Smith fighting off alien invaders, we might launch a telescope designed to scan auspicious planets for the presence of CO2 and ozone, then invent a more intricate device to suss out whether these atmospheres contain isotopes of oxygen consistent with living systems. The final step, says Borucki, is “a probe that can travel near the speed of light and gets there, shows us pictures, listens to their radio stations and television stations, and gives us a much better understanding of this new planet.”

We’re not at the Star Trek stage yet. But given enough time and interest—and enough money—scientists believe the possibilities are limitless. “I’ve suggested nothing that we don’t know pretty much how to do currently,” Borucki says. “After Kepler, I cannot imagine people saying, ‘I don’t care about life. I don’t care about these wonderful civilizations that might exist.’ ” So let the search continue—assuming, of course, that E.T. doesn’t show up at the White House first.

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