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A Celebration of Life

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Сегодня, в течение нескольких часов, все главные каналы Америки транслировали траурную церемонию прощания с Сенатором США от штата Массачусетс, Эдвардом Кеннеди.

Он был сенатором 47 лет.


An estimated 45,000 people filed past the Democratic legend’s flag-draped casket at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library before the event. Connecticut Sen. Christopher Dodd, who has tried to shepherd Kennedy’s signature cause of universal health care through the Senate this year, summed up his appeal in three words: “People liked him.”

“Some people born with a famous name live off of it. Others enrich theirs,” Dodd said. “Teddy enriched his.”

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