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“Кабы схемку аль чертеж…” — ©

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alatooАлександра прислала мне несколько ссылок на очень интересные устройства.

Интересны они для меня, вряд-ли, для кого-то еще. И у меня появился вот такой вопрос. Есть описание того, для чего эти устройства. Также, есть картинки этих устройств. Люди, дорогие, те, кто разбирается в разных схемах, электрических устройствах и т.д. Возможно ли, воспроизвести эти устройства, только по описаниям и по картинкам?

Итак; устройство номер 1.

Картинка — здесь.


Wouldn’t it be great if all that stuff you can plug into your car could simply be plugged into your wheelchair or scooter?

Extends driving range 25% & triples battery life
Be prepared for an emergency or power outage

  • – laptop, tablet PC, PDA
  • – assistive communication devices (dynavox)
  • – cell phones, digital video & still cameras
  • – MP3 & DVD players, satellite radio, even portable TV
  • – psp, even playstation, or nintendo with a portable screen!
  • Emergency light, AC power converter
  • – italk voice controlled cell phone system (enables completely hands-free voice control)
  • – powered wrist-hand orthesis
  • Indispensable for any small electronics that utilize battery power! Never worry about the hassle of recharging multiple devices every night! Charge your wheelchair or scooter and you’re ready to go all day long! Quickly mount your device to your wheelchair with the “3rd hand” wheelchair mounting system.


  • – provides 2 standard 12 volt automotive style power outlets (commonly known as a cigarette lighter adapter) to run low-power consumption devices from your wheelchair or scooter’s 24v battery system
  • – no modifications to your wheelchair or scooter so installation should not affect warranty.
    Simple installation by anyone using only a wrench to loosen battery terminals slightly.
  • – power consumed by most devices will not even be noticeable on two large power wheelchair batteries – in fact, improvements to battery life will probably extend range
  • – more than 80% efficient, important for higher power devices like laptops and assistive communication devices (dynavox)
  • Extends driving range 25% & triples battery life

  • – go farther per charge
  • – pays for itself twice on the savings from only set of batteries (est. Replacement cost $250)
  • – independent testing at southern california edison
  • Be prepared for an emergency or power outage

  • – charge from any automobile during a power outage in an emergency. Optional charging cable available to charge from interior cigarette lighter socket or use standard jumper cables in an emergency
  • – great for camping and rv’ing (not recommended for extended periods of time)
  • – charge from a standard automotive bartery charger (suggested maximum 2a) if wheelchair charger forgotten or fails
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