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Пара баскетбольных новостей из Портланда

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Очень понравилась фотография

Руди Фернандез (Rudy Fernandez).


И, — текст:

Knowing one team is headed to the playoffs while the other is likely draft lottery bound only complicates matters.

Tempers flare. Guys talk junk. Refs “T” them up. It’s part of the game. Wednesday night between Portland and Indiana was no different, even if you blinked and missed it.

Just ask Rudy Fernandez and Jeff Pendergraph.

With mere minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Blazers were up handily building upon their 27 point lead over the Pacers. That’s when Fernandez hit a three-pointer in front of former Blazer Josh McRoberts to put Portland up 98-72.

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