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Еноты взбесились

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Вчера по по местным новостям показали енота, который вел себя так, как будто у него судороги.

Долго кружился на одном месте, подпрыгивал…

WOODBURN, Ore. – Woodburn police killed two raccoons suspected of having rabies, although the local health department suggests it may have been Distemper instead.

On Sunday, April 18th the Woodburn Police Department reported that officers had responded to the area of West Woodburn on two separate reports of raccoons acting erratically, aggressively posturing and foaming at the mouth.

At the time Woodburn officers felt that both of these animals presented a serious enough threat to citizens in the area that they needed to be put down.

The carcasses of the two animals were disposed of prior to having an examination done on them to determine if either of the animals were suffering from disease.

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