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Чуда не будет…

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…это — ясно.

Имею в виду сегодняшнюю, пятую игру серии.

Хотя, одно чудо уже произошло. Да, я о том же самом, о чем уже писал — о баскетболисте “Blazers”, вышедшем играть через 8 дней после операции.

Статья об этом, с сайта NBA.

“I don’t feel right sitting in the back watching,” he said.

So it happened that with 4:06 left in the first quarter on Saturday afternoon, Roy pulled off his warm-ups and checked into the 2010 playoffs for the first time.

It had been 13 days since he’d injured his right knee in L.A. against the Lakers. It had been eight days since doctors had performed surgery to repair a torn meniscus. It had been two days since the Trail Blazers had been whipped for the second straight game by the Suns, embarrassed and even booed on their home floor.

Players play.

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