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Поиски мальчика

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В нашем графстве (Multnomah County) уже больше недели продолжаются поиски семилетнего мальчика. Люди так откликнулись на эту беду, что вчера местный шериф был вынужден выступить с просьбой прекратить приносить помощь в виде продуктов и чего-то подобного.

At Friday’s press briefing, Captain Monte Reiser said the public can still donate in other ways.

“We have established a way for the community to make cash donations to support this search effort,” he said. “Donations to the fund may be made at any Bank of America branch under the name “Kyron Horman Fund.” This fund has been officially established by the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, and is the only fund sponsored by the Sheriff’s Office.”

According to investigators, Kyron’s step-mom took the second grader to Skyline Elementary School in the morning before classes started. Kyron and his step-mom viewed the science fair at the school for about an hour until 8:45 when Kyron went to class and his step-mom left to do chores for the day.

His step-mom waited for Kyron to get off the school bus at 3:45. When Kyron did not get off the bus, the step-mom asked the bus driver where the 7-year-old boy was. When the bus driver told her Kyron was never on the bus, she called Skyline Elementary. The step-mom was told Kyron was marked absent for the day.

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