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Тренировки, тренировки…

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То, что вчера прислала Кэролайн.

Это все, что касается этого дня, а также того, о чем я писал и показывал здесь.

Оставляю для самого себя.

Все на английском, так что…


Due to Yepa’s stomach upset we didn’t do any new training today – instead we went for a walk in the park, and sat for a while and talked, with Yepa enjoying lying down in the grass and watching what was happening around her. We let her sniff a round and have a run – it was a day off for Yepa, to give her time to recover and relax. We didn’t take any treats and Yepa walked beautifully next to the wheelchair. For a brief time in the park we also let her walk off leash, and she stayed alongside just the same. She was great with passing dogs, ignored them completely.

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