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В основном для американцев

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Для тех, кто живет в США.

Получил письмо от одной своей очень хорошей знакомой.

Судя по всему, я тоже попадаю под “раздачу”. Потому что мы с ней почти в одинаковом положении.

I usually don’t send out governmental or religious types of emails, but I would really appreciate you looking at this and considering making a contact to advocate on behalf of people receiving services that may be cut.
I called today after reading an article in the newspaper about cuts to services for seniors and people with disabilities, so I phoned to find out if the program I’m on, “Project Independence” would be cut. The answer is yes, it could be cut unless something is done.

Please go to the site, read the article and do what you can to let them know if you believe these services are critical and should not be cut. This will leave many people in crisis situations and may put more people into categories of needing even higher care, which could cost even more.

For some of us these are the services that allow us to do as much as we can independently and also to contribute to our community.

Thanks for reading.. and if you are interested, please continue on and take a few minutes to make a difference for some folks.. which makes a difference in our communities!

with Gratitude for you all!

Mara Windstar

Here is the website you can go to and express your concern:

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