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Как авиакатастрофа помогла Польше стать нормальной

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Очень любопытная, на мой взгляд, статья из журнала “Newsweek”. Статья на английском.

Несколько цитат:

At one point, the Kaczynskis almost paralyzed the Union with their macabre demand that Polish World War II dead should be included in the population numbers that determine the country’s weight in EU votes and institutions. Mired in corruption, political parties exploited deep social and economic fissures between disgruntled communist-era apparatchiks, a poor and backward countryside that has not yet arrived in the modern economy, and the middle-class, largely urban winners of the post-1989 transition to capitalism. The Kaczynskis personified a paranoid style of Polish politics that lashed out at foreigners and minorities, and saw the country endangered by plots and conspiracies.

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