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Принцесса продвигается

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Это заметки, которые прислала Кэролайн вчера.

Из вчерашнего дня. Поскольку, все на английском и интересно, в основном, мне одному, — убираю под “кат”.

Today we focused again on indoor skills —
1) We began to shape a paw shake to help Yepa use her paws more. We used a lure (moving treat sideways at head height) to help her shift her weight, and clicked for any paw movement.

2) We played with 2 toys – squirrel and rope toy, Yepa got quite animated and tugged harder than before and for longer – she is feeling comfortable enough to play harder which is good.

3) We practiced with the wooden spoon – she did some good mouth grabs, good progress here.

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