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Public Access test for Yepa

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Попросил Кэролайн написать мне, что нужно Принцессе для прохождения этого теста.

Что у нее уже есть и над чем еще нужно работать.

Небольшое пояснение: требования для всех одни и те же, но каждый тест адаптируется под того человека и его возможности и нужды, кто его проводит и в соответствии с этим каждый имеет возможность изменить тест и условия.

К примеру, мне не нужно чтобы Принцесса работала на очень длинном поводке. Я этого все равно никогда использовать не буду. В случае с длинным поводком есть опасность, что он попадет под колеса.

Оставляю для себя. Все на английском и очень много.


Yepa has shown she can wait quietly and calmly before and after entering or exiting a vehicle. She has yet to show how she behaves if another dog and handler walks past within 6 feet, but her normal behavior around other dogs suggests this would not be a problem for her.

2. APPROACHING THE BUILDING: Yepa has shown she can walk calmly through a parking lot to approach a building, on a loose leash alongside the wheelchair, stopping when the wheelchair stops.

3. CONTROLLED ENTRY THROUGH A DOORWAY: Yepa enters and exits buildings under calm control.

4. HEELING THROUGH THE BUILDING: Yepa has shown she can heel calmly within 1 ft. of the wheelchair through various buildings including Safeway, Macy’s Llloyd center mall, OHSU. She does not solicit public attention or strain against the lead, adjusts to speed changes, turns corners promptly, and travels through a crowded area without interacting with the public.

5. SIX FOOT RECALL ON LEAD: Yepa has performed this on several occasions in a public park. She waits calmly and returns directly when called. Needs practice with Anton giving command, moving away 6ft, and recalling her

6. SITS ON COMMAND: Yepa will sit on command but this is a new behavior for her and needs more practice in different situations, notably: next to a plate of food placed upon the ground, while a shopping cart passes by within three feet and as a person walks up behind the team, talks to the person and then pets the dog. The dog must hold position.

7. DOWNS ON COMMAND: Yepa also will perform a down on cue but needs practice and particularly 1) at a table where food will be dropped on the floor. and 2) as an adult and child approach the dog.

8. NOISE DISTRACTION: Yepa is very calm and rarely startles, even when someone throws firework under Anton’s chair. This is unlikely to be a problem for her e.g. when the tester drops a clipboard to the ground behind her

9. RESTAURANT: Not tried yet – needs practice. Yepa is likely to stay close and remain in a Down calmly, we will also need to practice ignoring food dropped on the floor here.

10. OFF LEAD: This item can be modified depending on the nature of the person’s disability. It should be modified as Anton does not hold the leash. Yepa is tethered to the chair. We might modify it either a) Yepa gets tangled up and can find her way back to position or b) leash is disconnected and Yepa demonstrates she will come back to the wheelchair on call, and wait while a person reconnects her. Needs to be explored

11. CONTROLLED UNIT: The team will leave the building in a similar manner to entering, with safety and control being of prime importance. Not an issue for Yepa

12. CONTROLLED LOAD into VEHICLE: The individual will load the dog into the vehicle, with either entering first. The dog must not wander around the parking lot but must wait patiently for instructions. Emphasis is on safety and control. Again, Yepa is fine with this.

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