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Если бы я писал историю наших с Йипой отношений, то день — Пятница, 3-е декабря 2010 года обязательно вошел бы в эту историю.

Я уже давно ничего не писал про тренировки Принцессы, но это только потому, что в последний месяц я сам, практически, не занимался с ней. Кэролайн занималась, забирала ее несколько раз, а я дал ей отдохнуть.

Нет, это не потому, что все было плохо. Просто со мной Йипа “продвигалась” очень медленно, и я решил на какое-то время оставить ее в покое. Одной из причин такого решения было простое соображение. Я хотел, чтобы она “соскучилась” по работе.

Видимо, мое решение было правильным. В прошедшую пятницу у Йипы случился “прорыв”.

Дальше все на английском, поскольку это все те самые заметки от Кэролайн.

These sessions built on the progress Yepa has been making with task training. My intern, Kate Neal, attended the session on November 19th to observe Yepa’s training.

Yepa has been steadily building motivation for task training, and has been showing small signs of progress in performance over the past few sessions.

In today’s session she had the breakthrough we have been waiting for – the light-bulb moment when things click into place in a dog’s mind as they engage in a new learning process. Today Yepa out-performed herself in all of the things she was asked to do– and best of all, her trainer was Anton! I had intended to try taking a back seat in training today, and coach the team as needed, and this proved to be a good thing for Yepa’s progress. All the work we have done to teach specific skills, and build enthusiasm and confidence paid off a hundred fold in the context of the special relationship Yepa and Anton have with each other. And maybe the timing was just right too. We had tears in our eyes at times, looking at the happiness and pride in Yepa’s eyes as she succeeded in one task after another. Of course she got lots of praise and treats for each one, and in the end, celebrated her overall success with some play time with Nina Ottosson puzzles. Even here she showed how she has changed since her surgery and since her ear infection have healed up – she tackled each puzzle with determination, confidently flipping its pieces with her nose and paw, and finding hidden treats with ease. What a great dog!!! And what a great team!!!

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