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Хроники борьбы с терроризмом

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Я об этом уже писал, (давал ссылку).

Теперь, просто процитирую..

The latest threat to America’s skies — explosive surgical implants that authorities have dubbed “belly bombs” — poses a security challenge so bizarre that air travelers learning of the new danger Wednesday could only scratch their heads and wonder what’s next.

If those fliers had collagen injections or dental implants, what’s next may mean having their heads examined. Literally.

The Transportation Security Administration advised airlines that terror groups are believed to be experimenting with explosives that could be implanted in buttocks and breasts, allowing suicide bombers to pass through airport body scanners undetected. This raised the specter of a surgically altered world in which it must be asked:

If Pamela Anderson has to undergo an MRI to get on an airplane, have the terrorists won?

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