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Таблетки уже не считают…

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Вести подсчет, в этом случае, весьма проблематично.

Когда-то я давал ссылку на блог парня, у которого три сына и все — аутисты.

Это его интервью CNN.

Editor’s note: Americans have been led to believe — by their doctors, by advertisers and by the pharmaceutical industry — that there is a pill to cure just about anything that ails them. This week, the networks of CNN go deep into the politics and the pills.

(CNN) — Gavin Gorski, 11, opens his hands as his father dispenses the pills.

An orange tablet, a green pill, white oval shapes and oblong ones — nine drugs total — fall into his palm. The fifth-grader scoops them into his mouth. Later in the day, he takes eight more pills.

Gavin takes 119 pills every week.

The clozapine helps him with the hallucinations and voices he hears. The lithium stabilizes Gavin’s mood. Without them, he stays up for nights and has no impulse control.

“We couldn’t exist without him being medicated,” said Rob Gorski, Gavin’s father. “We struggled with it at first. Nobody wants to medicate their kids, but it comes to a quality of life issue. When he is un-medicated, his quality of life is really low.”

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