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October 2013



А, кстати…

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Я как-то писал, что в Портланде есть команда MLS Timbers, в переводе на русский, команда высшей лиги по футболу. Не по американскому футболу, а по тому виду спорта, который весь мир называет “Футболом”, кроме Америки, в которой для этого вида спорта придумано название Soccer.

Так вот, команда Портланда не только вышла в Playoff, но и оказалась на первом месте в турнирной таблице.

Timbers head coach Caleb Porter
On his team’s performance and thoughts on the regular season:
“I think we all realize that it has been a good year. It’s been a fun season, but I think we are all going to continue to remain grounded, humble, and hungry and keep business as usual because that’s the process we have been following all season long. We don’t want to celebrate or reflect too much because we are focused on not just being in the playoffs, but we want to win it all. I think we have a group of guys in that locker room that believe that we’ve got a good chance to do it.”

Thoughts on the game:
“Obviously, our style of play, our philosophy is to press. It’s not just a couple of guys, it’s 10 guys. I thought we were very aggressive and really set the tone with our pressure. I think two of our first three goals came off our pressure. We are going to find goals, but my message lately has been: if we defend well and we are disciplined and we play like a team and we are cohesive and organized and have the right mentality, that’s the common thread in winning teams. They are always organized and are always a team. They always have the right mentality and we’ve had that recently and that’s why we are getting results.”

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