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Виртуальные войны. Кто побеждает?!

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Честно говоря, никогда не думал, что Твиттеры и всякие там Фейсбуки будут играть такую роль в информационных войнах.

Точнее, никогда не думал, что когда-нибудь войны в виртуальном пространстве кто-то будет брать в расчет.

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Who Is Winning the Ukraine Social Media Wars?

2014-05-13 by Phil Butler

Putin winning on Twitter
I’ll give you three guesses.
Monitoring and commenting on an unraveling US policy toward Russia over Ukraine today, I decided to show those interested some compelling news even the US State Department is not aware of. Western mainstream media hammering away, thousands of US government employees have been tasked with rolling out Obama administration propaganda, the mention battle for Ukraine on Twitter is all but lost for John Kerry’s minions.

Is the truth coming through? What does Twitter influence say?

Using a slick metrics and monitoring tool called Brandwatch, I’ll show you who is winning and who is losing the PR war over Ukraine. As you can see below, I’ve provided a screenshot of my Brandwatch dashboard for #Ukraine. The last seven days have been busy, with something on the order of 77 thousand mentions for just the #hashtag #Ukraine on Twitter.

The Influence Gurus Come Out

Leverage, this is what moves the social world. Whether or not you are an influencer, being able to “convince” is the single most important communicative skill there is. You’ll notice I said “skill”, instead of gift etc. To acquire this skill, you first have to understand the weight of influence on networks like Twitter and Facebook. For finding out who’s influential in the #Ukraine media war, in social, Brandwatch helps us establish the winners and losers very quickly. RT’s stringer Graham W. Phillips (@grahamwp_uk), for example, is by far the most influential tweep of the last week. The tag cloud (mention cloud) I generated below shows this from among all top tweeters this week.


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