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August 2014



Из британской прессы…

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А если точнее, то от The Telegraph

О санкциях.

The sanctions fight with Russia could make Britain go hungry
We are used to having plentiful food, and at an affordable price. But the crisis in Ukraine should remind us that we cannot take Britain’s food security for granted

By Tim Benton
11:35AM BST 11 Aug 2014

Savvy scientific decisions to protect our own food production and reduce dependence on Russia can pay dividends for the environment, and ensure the UK population can still enjoy its daily bread.
Wheat is the second most important crop in the global food system, delivering a staggering 1.8 petacalories per year (that’s 1800 million million). It serves as the basis of a significant amount of the sorts of food we eat: we consume on average two kilograms of wheat-based foods per week – be it pizza, pasta, or a slice of toast in the morning.
Russia is a major producer of wheat, and thanks to optimum growing temperatures this year is expecting a bumper crop of over 50 million tonnes, a significant amount of which is exported via the Crimean ports. However, sanctions imposed on Russian banks are likely to drive up wheat prices in 2015, as Russian farmers will find it harder to access finance to produce their main crop. In a tit-for-tat move, Russia has banned food imports from the EU, US and Australia.
These events are a sharp reminder that the international trade in food we take for granted can be built on shaky foundations. Last week, the National Farmers Union pointed out that if there were a significant hiatus in international trade, the UK is potentially exposed, as we produce only about 62 per cent of the food we consume.
Over the next 34 years, global demand for food is expected to almost double if current trends continue. It’s not just political tensions that could affect our food supply into the future. Climate change is gradually warming the earth, and also creating more extreme weather. When it is hot and dry, it is likely to get hotter and drier. When it is raining, the rainfall is likely to fall harder for longer.

Полностью статья здесь.

Некоторое пояснение. Я не делаю переводов статей. Прошу прощения, но.. вот так. В Сети достаточно мест, где Вы можете без каких-то проблем воспользоваться переводчиком. Я понимаю, что это все будет совсем не то же самое, что “живой” перевод, но… какое-то мнение о написанном Вы сможете составить. К тому же, есть неплохой сайт, где очень часто и достаточно оперативно переводы некоторых интересных для России статей появляются.

P.S. Могу перевести заголовок статьи, чтобы было понятно, о чем речь. “Борьба санкций с Россией может привести к голоду в Великобритании.”

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