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Про речь Обамы в ООН

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An Associated Press fact-check on President Obama’s climate change speech to the United Nations Tuesday accused the president of clearly spinning the facts and distorting the truth about America’s response to global warming.

The AP fact-checker faulted Obama “gloss[ing] over some inconvenient truths” in his global warming lecture Tuesday, particularly in regard to his claims about America’s attempts to clean up emissions at home and his insistence that emissions reductions do not have an impact on the economy.

The fact-check says that not only did Obama distort the numbers to claim that in the last eight years the U.S. reduced total carbon pollution “by more than any other nation on Earth”—Europe actually reducing theirs by a larger percentage in that time—Obama is hiding the fact that the U.S. has largely lowered those emissions by “sending dirty fuel abroad to pollute the same sky.”

THE FACTS: The U.S. is actually sending more dirty fuel abroad even as it takes steps to help other nations transition to cleaner energy. The U.S. has cuts its own coal consumption by 195 million tons in six years. But according to an AP analysis of Energy Department data, about 20 percent of that coal was shipped to power plants and other customers overseas. Emissions from that coal were not eliminated but rather moved to other countries. As well, the U.S. exported more products refined from oil — another dirty fuel — than it imported, starting in 2011.

Obama also tried to claim that we have been able to grow our economy while simultaneously cutting carbon emissions, “proving” there’s no conflict between combating global warming and growing the economy. The AP rips that claim apart, pointing to the Great Recession as the key factor in half of our so-called self-imposed reductions:

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