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Кто судит?

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Вот, любопытно, почему война с ISIS — это нужное дело, а с ХАМАС — не совсем?

Мне кажется, бандиты везде одинаковы. Или нет?

Binyamin Netanyahu: Isis and Hamas ‘branches of the same poisonous tree’

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu compared his country’s recent bombing campaign in Gaza to the US-led strikes against militants in Iraq and Syria on Monday, saying Hamas and the Islamic State (Isis) group share the same goal of world domination.

In a speech to the United Nations general assembly, Netanyahu railed against countries who condemned Israel for its war with Hamas while praising President Barack Obama for attacking Islamic State militants and other extremists.

The Israeli prime minister said those world leaders “evidently don’t understand that Isis and Hamas are branches of the same poisonous tree.”

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