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Кто продал оружие террористам?..

Статья о сбитых американских самолетах и о том, кто же продает террористам современное вооружение?..

There is emerging evidence that ISIS/ISIL is coordinating military activities tied to upcoming US elections. Terrorist threats, downing of US planes and attempts to kidnap military personnel is being coordinated with political groups in the United States allied with pro-Israeli elements. There is further evidence ISIS/ISIL shot down at least one American fighter bomber over Syria and damaged an American combat transport plane, an Osprey, that later crashed.

Recent events, shocking to Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, statements made against Turkey by Vice President Biden and broad criticism of Israel by President Obama, have made crushing the Obama administration vital to those groups behind ISIS/ISIL, traitors within the United States, America’s questionable “ally,” Israel, and those cited by Vice President Biden last week, particularly Turkey and Saudi Arabia


Two US aircraft were hit by US built Patriot PAC 2 missiles and destroyed. The US secretly suspended attacks on ISIS targets as a result. Only drone attacks are proceeding.

The action, the use of “Iron Dome” missiles, or at least missiles identical to those the US had given Israel, is part of an attempt to capture any American servicemen or women in order to stage a public beheading. You see, ISIS seems to be working very closely with groups in Israel and the United States and has been “tasked” with embarrassing the Obama administration prior to upcoming elections.

A recent upsurge in the American economy has left extremist groups threatened, fearful that their plan to push forward a war against Iran after the upcoming 2016 presidential election may be sidelined. ISIS is a partner in this process.

Planes Shot Down

The planes, an F 16 shot down over Syria and a US Marine Corps Osprey, hit over Iraq and crashing into the sea attempting to return to a US aircraft carrier are listed as having been destroyed by a typhoon at Kadena Air Force Base, in Japan. This cover story, one carried in the press, is outrageously false.

Both pilots are listed by unofficial sources as recovered. Attacks are said to be part of an ISIS program to capture one or more US pilots prior to the upcoming American elections. Intelligence sources indicate that it would have been impossible to track the planes without “package” information similar to that Senator John McCain gave the North Vietnamese when he was captured after being shot down in 1967.

Air defense systems, in this case advanced American long range Patriot systems, range 160 km, had to be placed with advanced knowledge of the highly classified routes the planes were to travel.
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Russia in Negotiation with China for alternative SWIFT Bank system…

Sanctions. Again…

Russia and China, the two strategic Eurasian nations, are moving clearly to ultimately break free of the stranglehold of the Dollar System. On September 10 high-level talks took place between the two countries discussing establishment of an interbank money clearing system independent of the US-controlled SWIFT payments system. If enacted it would represent a major step in being able to defend their economies from Washington’s newly-developed weapon of financial warfare against a country that does not behave just as certain powerful circles want.

On September 10, Russia’s First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov met in Beijing with his Chinese counterparts to discuss setting up a system of interbank international transaction clearing that would replace or could, in event of increased US and EU sanctions, replace the SWIFT interbank payment mechanism. According to Shuvalov after his talks in Beijing he stated to the press, “Yes, we have discussed and we have approved this idea.”

Russia is reacting to the current escalating financial warfare being initiated via Washington economic sanctions against key leading Russians as part of the current Washington agenda of recreating the tensions and confrontations of the Cold War in their effort to drive a bloody wedge between the EU countries, especially Germany, and Russia. This past March, under strong US pressure, the EU unanimously adopted a series of sanctions against key Russian individuals close to President Putin. The sanctions came as a response to the independence referendum in Crimea in which the vast majority, some 93% of voters opted to request membership in the Russian Federation and secession from Ukraine.

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, SWIFT, is one of Russia’s primary links to the international financial system. Bloomberg reported that on August 30, ironically just after Russia had proposed in Minsk terms of a ceasefire between the Kiev Government and east Ukraine rebels, Prime Minister David Cameron’s government proposed that the EU escalate its Russia sanctions warfare by blocking Russian banks from SWIFT clearings.
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The US has Unleashed a Conflict with ISIS which it Can’t Win…

It is just an opinion.

One of many…

News media worldwide reported on 13 October that Turkey will give the United States and its allies access to its air bases, including Incirlik in the south (150 km from the Iraqi border), to carry out air operations against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria. The Associated Press, citing anonymous sources, reported that Turkey had thus far refused requests from Washington to use the Incirlik air base in the air operation against ISIS.

Incirlik is the largest air base used by the United States under its defense treaty with Turkey. Ankara has clearly not been able to resist strong pressure from outside, especially from Washington and Riyadh. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s efforts to keep his country out of the battle with the Islamists have ultimately been unsuccessful. Offering the use of its air bases does not make Turkey a direct participant in the hostilities, and Turkey has not invaded foreign soil. But one can confidently assert that it has taken the first step in that direction. And now the Islamists have an excuse for taking on Turkey, which includes bringing their fight to its territory.

In addition, the Kurds, who up until now have been the main target in northern Iraq and Syria, are in an even more difficult situation. The West proposed that they fight Syrian President Bashar Assad in exchange for security. The Kurds responded that although they don’t have much sympathy for Assad, he wasn’t bothering them and had even helped them by providing them with weapons to battle terrorist organizations. But the Islamists have attacked and brutally killed many Kurds, slaughtering entire villages in the process. And now it’s difficult to see how the Kurds are going to build their relations with Turkey and Iraq on the one hand, considering that the major Kurdish parties and organizations are seeking to create an independent state, and the West, which is sympathetic to Kurdish aspirations but cannot support the Kurds at the expense of its relations with Ankara, Baghdad, Riyadh and the Sunni monarchies of the Arabian peninsula, which are members of the anti-terrorist coalition led by the United States and many of the NATO countries.

The ISIS-attacked city of Kobani is located in such a way that heavy weaponry and ground support troops can’t be sent in without passing into Turkey. The Turkish, Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian Kurds form one big nation that has been divided by borders for hundreds of years. Ankara, of course, is not happy about the existence of an autonomous Kurdish state in Iraq. Erdogan fears that separatist sentiment in Turkey will grow, so he won’t have any objection to seeing the terrorists put the Kurds in their place, so to speak, without getting his own hands dirty. The problem for him is that the Turkish Kurds, who are a powerful force in eastern and southeastern Turkey, will never forgive the Turkish government if Kobani and its citizens succumb to ISIS. Ankara holds in its hands the key to solving this puzzle created by the American bombing of Syria and Iraq. Inaction by Turkey spells the destruction of the city and the start of mass unrest in the expansive and densely populated areas of Turkish Kurdistan, leading all the way up to some gloomy scenarios. Ankara would surely have to suppress the mass Kurdish demonstrations with the army, and amid the growing restlessness, ISIS militants would be fully capable of carrying out terrorist attacks in Turkey. Anti-Erdogan feeling would grow even in purely Turkish areas, including Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.
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Obama’s Stupid Sanctions Give Putin New Oil Bonanza

Oil and Sanctions

US President Barack Obama, or at least the warhawk neo-conservatives pushing him to war everywhere, are beginning to get hit with the boomerang of their stupid economic sanctions against Putin’s Russia. A few days ago, Russia’s largest oil company, state-run OAO Rosneft, headed by close Putin ally, Igor Sechin, announced discovery of a giant new oil field in Russia’s Arctic north of Murmansk. The stupid part comes from Obama’s decision to agree to impose sanctions on Sechin and his company and to prohibit US companies from doing business with them.

On September 27, in a joint announcement, Rosneft and US oil giant, ExxonMobil announced discovery of a huge new oil deposit, the Universitetskaya-1 well in the Kara Sea. For more than two decades Russian oil companies had dreamed of tapping what they believed were huge oil deposits in the Arctic. In 2011 the CEO of ExxonMobil, the largest of the US giant oil companies and the heart of the original Rockefeller oil group, signed a joint venture agreement with Sechin’s Rosneft to drill in the Russian Arctic. Universitetskaya-1 flow data suggests a discovery of between 750 million and one billion barrels of high-quality sweet, light crude oil, worth between 7.5 trillion and 10 trillion dollars at today’s price.

The Kara Sea find is only the first in a region that experts say has the potential to become one of the world’s most important crude-producing areas, bigger than the Gulf of Mexico. Estimates are that the exploration region of Rosneft in the Kara Sea, Universitetskaya, the geological structure being drilled, is the size of the city of Moscow and large enough to contain more than 9 billion barrels of oil. The first well was the most expensive in ExxonMobil history, costing some $600 million to drill. In a great understatement, Sechin told the press, “It exceeded our expectations. This discovery is of exceptional significance in showing the presence of hydrocarbons in the Arctic.”
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Ukraine – The Wild Fields of the 21st Century…

Mass graves in Ukraine.

The rebel militia from Donbass discovered mass graves of civilians that had been tortured by the National Guard of Ukraine. Corpses covered with soil were found by sappers who were clearing the reclaimed territories of mines. Victims with their bodies covered with signs of torture had their hands tied behind them were apparently shot in the back of the head. The cases of 9 mm caliber bullets were found near the bodies.

Most of the massacred civilians were women, some were found with body organs removed. According to experts the internal organs of young women are highly valuable on the black market because women generally do not perform activities as hazardous as men and so their organs are more suitable for transplantation. One of the women was most likely pregnant.

Unearthed corpses confirm that torture was used against them: victims had limbs removed, various characters, including Nazi symbols, were burnt on the bodies. Two of the heads were completely severed. All the victims were dressed in civilian clothes. At the entrance to the nearby village a ditch was found containing several people. Residents claim that members of the National Guard executed people for their alleged contacts with the resistance movement. So far, three graves have been located and the rebels are confident that they will find more. OSCE observers confirm these claims.

The rebels did not have any doubts that girls were raped and murdered in the camp at the mine. ‘People said girls were disappearing’ – says one of the insurgents who found corpses. Currently, the fate of some of the residents is unknown. There is a high probability that there are still a lot of mass graves in the area.

Очень интересно, — о рынке всего…

По-моему, статья любопытная…

Когда пару недель назад цена на нефть начала заваливаться, уходя вниз из коридора, довольно устойчивого на протяжении долгого времени, тут же нашлось куча аналитегов, посчитавших это страшной местью “кота Леопольда” России. Не знаю, чего в этом больше гордыни и самомнения, или привычки мыслить информационными штампами, но иногда неплохо включать собственный мозг для осознания реального положения дел.
Разумеется, никакого заговора США (вкупе с Саудовской Аравией) против России с целью обрушить наши нефтяные доходы в качестве одной из мер “наказания за строптивость” нет и быть не может. Все это (удар по нашим доходам) не более, чем слабый побочный эффект от объективного процесса. Более того, и США, и тем более Саудиты, сами крайне не рады такому развитию ситуации. В противном случае цены рухнули бы давным-давно.
Тем более, что Россия (если брать не государство, а экономику в целом, включая частный сектор) от этого процесса страдает в гораздо меньшей степени, чем “инициаторы” обвала. Хотя бы потому. что на протяжении нескольких последних лет все наши нефтяные поставки и цены хеджируются (страхуются от падения цен) приобретением нефтяных опционов, гарантирующих компенсацию потерь в случае ценового провала, большего, чем на пару процентов. Так что, исходя из этой логики главным пострадавшим стоит считать международные финансовые институты (читай Ротшильды), которые эти опционы и продавали. Это им теперь предстоит компенсировать России выпадение нефтяных доходов.
Что же касается названных “злоумышленников”, то с ними все просто. Саудовская Аравия совершенно не заинтересована в падении цен, ни как крупнейший производитель нефти, ни как главный спонсор исламского движения за создание Халифата. Текущее падение цен на нефть для саудитов крайне несвоевременно. И наращивание ими объемов добычи сейчас свидетельствует всего лишь о том, что им кровь из носу необходимо обеспечить валовый финансовый поток любыми средствами, невзирая на долгосрочные последствия этого шага.
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Салтыков-Щедрин актуален и сейчас…

…Применительно к России и российской действительности.


В некоторой стране жил-был либерал, и притом такой откровенный, что никто слова не молвит, а он уж во все горло гаркает: “Ах, господа,
господа! что вы делаете! ведь вы сами себя губите!” И никто на него за это не сердился, а, напротив, все говорили: “Пускай предупреждает – нам же
– Три фактора, – говорил он, – должны лежать в основании всякой общественности: свобода, обеспеченность и самодеятельность. Ежели общество
лишено свободы, то это значит, что оно живет без идеалов, без горения мысли, не имея ни основы для творчества, ни веры в предстоящие ему судьбы.
Ежели общество сознает себя необеспеченным, то это налагает на него печать подавленности и делает равнодушным к собственной участи. Ежели общество
лишено самодеятельности, то оно становится неспособным к устройству своих дел и даже мало-помалу утрачивает представление об отечестве.

Вот как мыслил либерал, и, надо правду сказать, мыслил правильно. Он видел, Что кругом него люди, словно отравленные мухи, бродят, и говорил
себе: “Это оттого, что они не сознают себя строителями своих судеб. Это колодники, к которым и счастие, и злосчастие приходит без всякого с их
стороны предвидения, которые не отдаются беззаветно своим ощущениям, потому что не могут определить, действительно ли это ощущения, или
какая-нибудь фантасмагория”. Одним словом, либерал был твердо убежден, что лишь упомянутые три фактора могут дать обществу прочные устои и привести
за собою все остальные блага, необходимые для развития общественности.