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Продолжение скандала…

Это скандал с фотографиями из Abu Ghraib

The nightmarish images from Abu Ghraib are still seared into the American consciousness: piles of naked bodies, detainees being led on leashes and U.S. soldiers giving a thumbs-up as it all happens. But now, a decade after they were made public, the U.S. government is trying to conceal as many as 2,100 additional photographs that are said to be even more disturbing.

A federal judge ruled in August that the Obama administration had to decide by October 21 whether it would release the images showing U.S. military personnel torturing detainees in Afghanistan and Iraq or defend its case, photograph by photograph, in order to continue withholding them. The administration said Tuesday that it intended to defend keeping the images secret and would supplement the record with its reasons.

This saga began back in 2004 when the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) first sued for the images’ release. Though it was ultimately successful in the trial and appeals courts, Obama said that he feared a release would “further inflame American opinion and…put our troops in greater danger,” and blocked it from happening.
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