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“Торнадо” в наших краях…

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Вы не поверите, но недалеко от нас случился сильный ветер.



LONGVIEW, Wash. — A tornado with winds surpassing 85 mph ripped roofs off buildings, launched large yard toys through windows, uprooted trees and sent shocked residents scrambling in Cowlitz County Thursday afternoon.


The National Weather Service confirmed the tornado was an EF1 on the tornado scale.

The tornado carved a skipping path through neighborhood streets and into downtown Longview before vanishing in the dark sky a short time later.

Denny Malloy was driving through Longview when the wind started swirling around his truck.

“I saw what looked like an enormous dust devil and then these large panels off a roof started falling everywhere,” he said. “It seemed like everyone was pretty stunned.”

Then, he watched in shock as the wind ripped the roof off a nearby appliance store.

Kelly LaBeau pulled up just as the roof lifted off an assisted living facility in Longview. “I said to myself, ‘What is going on? There aren’t tornadoes in Longview.'”

A woman named Flo told KGW she was driving home with her granddaughter and was lucky enough to get inside before it hit her car. “We ran in the house real fast. I said ‘Oh my God, is that a tornado?’ And then I told my granddaughter ‘Get in the house! Get in the house!'”

Flo said she noticed that the twister touched ground and then lifted back up more than once, uprooting trees, snapping power poles and bending metal signs in random spots along her neighborhood streets.

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