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У нас здесь скандал…

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…И, прямо перед выборами..

“Подруга” Губернатора была замечена с “полицейским разрешением” на парковку, при том, что она сама не имеет никакого отношения к полиции. Только к Губернатору. Вот скажете, что тут такого? В России многие ездят с “мигалками”, и — ничего.

Но, как я понимаю, Губернтору это все может стоить его кресла. По Закону Штата “Подруга” не имела никакого права иметь это разрешение.

Кстати, я проголосовал против нынешнего Губернатора.

On Dec. 16, Mary Kisel, a city parking officer for the Portland Bureau of Transportation, was patrolling her beat, keeping an eye on the pre-holiday crush that jams downtown streets and fills up curbside parking spaces.
A few minutes after noon, Kisel noticed a 2005 Toyota Prius parked on Southwest Salmon Street between Park and 10th avenues, just around the corner from the Portland Art Museum.

The Prius didn’t have a $1.60-per-hour parking receipt in the curbside window, as city rules require.

Digital photos taken by Kisel of the car and reviewed by WW show no receipt displayed anywhere on the vehicle.

But the photos did capture something unusual—a laminated Oregon State Police parking pass about 5 by 8 inches on the Prius’ dashboard.
That was unusual because the Prius was not a state police car, nor was it a government vehicle.

Instead, it’s registered to Cylvia Hayes, Gov. John Kitzhaber’s longtime companion. (Although Hayes, 46, and Kitzhaber, 66, are not married, the governor’s office and her state website refer to her as “First Lady Cylvia Hayes.”)

Portland and other cities have for years battled the fraudulent use of disabled parking permits. It’s less common for a civilian to get dinged for using a police parking credential.

City rules on such permits are clear.

“Government parking permits are not intended to serve as substitutes for off-street parking or to make ordinary parking simply more convenient,” the Bureau of Transportation’s website says. “Permits are to be used to accomplish official government business that could not be accomplished without a special parking permit.”

Hayes referred WW’s questions to Kitzhaber spokesman Ian Greenfield, who says Hayes was on official business that day, giving a lunchtime presentation on prosperity to 150 Christian business people and their spouses at the Arlington Club.

The Oregon State Police provide protective services to the governor and his immediate family, including driving Kitzhaber and Hayes to events in state vehicles.

Greenfield says Hayes had traveled with a state police bodyguard to the lunch but took her Prius because she had personal business later.

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