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November 2014



Странное убийство…

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Студент погиб, после того, как один очень добрый мужчина, ударил его ножом 11-ть раз..

Следователи в недоумении…

McMINNVILLE, Ore. — A team of 15 investigators is working to try and figure out what triggered the deadly confrontation between a man with a knife and a Linfield College student at a 7-Eleven store in McMinnville last weekend. But even the district attorney admits, many questions may never be answered.

“I’m not sure that we will ever have an explanation of how Parker Moore became the target of this stabbing and was killed. Why him? Why there? Why then? I don’t know that we will ever be able to answer those questions in a way that is at all satisfying,” Yamhill County District Attorney Brad Berry told KGW Tuesday.

Moore, 20, died from multiple stab wounds. His suspected attacker, Joventino Arenas, 33, was shot and killed by police after he returned to the scene later.

“This case is tragic not just on the Moore family end of it, it’s certainly tragic on their [Arenas’] family also,” Berry said. “There’s another loss of life here. I can assure you this investigation is being done methodically and completely.”

Many of the most baffling questions surround Arenas. Was he alone? Why did he allegedly target Moore? Was he drunk or high? Why did he return to the scene?

Police said witness accounts indicated that Arenas was alone and the attack was unprovoked. However, they have just begun studying surveillance video from cameras inside and outside of the store, which may uncover more details.

Berry added that toxicology tests normally take 10-12 weeks, but they will be expedited for this investigation. Autopsies have already been completed on both Moore and Arenas.

The other part of the case yet to unravel surrounds what happened after the attack. The store clerk told police the suspect ran out the door and vanished.

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