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Вопрос к тем, кто знает…

У моего друга просрочен загранпаспорт. Когда он попытался обратиться в Консульство за помощью, там ему сказали, что сейчас какие-то новые правила, по которым он должен предоставить какую-то справку о Гражданстве.

За справкой нужно обращаться в Консульство, но… эта справка делается в течение… полутора, двух лет.

Вот здесь я перестаю что-то понимать. У него есть старый, просроченный паспорт. Он что, уже не является доказательством о том, что Российское Гражданство у человека есть?

Поиски человека…

В нашем графстве ищут 70-ти летнего мужчину.

У него болезнь Альцгеймера и он потерялся.

PORTLAND, Ore. — A man with Alzheimer’s disease has been missing since Monday afternoon and Multnomah County rescue crews continued the search for him Wednesday morning.

Family members said 70-year-old John Lloyd Scott was dropped off at the Holgate MAX platform at 1 p.m. Monday for a routine trip to Clackamas Town Center, according to Portland Police Bureau spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson. Scott then called his nephew 10 hours later and said he was lost.

“John called his nephew to say that he was lost ‘near the bike trail’ and that he was going to sit down on the grass to rest,” Simpson said. “Based on John’s description of where he was, family believed he was still near the mall. John has had no further contact with his family.”

Investigators learned that his phone was within a one-mile radius of Southeast 92nd Avenue and Ramona Street. Officers began an extensive neighborhood search from the ground and the air, using officers and the Portland Police Air Support Unit, but did not find him Monday.

Выживший в концлагерях нацистов…

…Интервью с выжившим в Освенциме и Бухенвальде…

Martin Greenfield was only fifteen years old when he and his family were sent to Auschwitz and later Buchenwald. He endured brutal and horrific conditions, coming face with some of the worst Nazis of all time including Dr. Mengele. The Nazis beat him, starved him, and tortured him. To survive, he nearly lost his humanity.

At one point, while working for the local mayor, Greenfield stole the rotten food being fed to to the rabbits. When the mayor’s wife found out, she had him beaten. He swore revenge, but something changed when they next came face to face. He shared the story with Glenn on his TV show Monday night.

“I worked in ammunition factory in Buchenwald, and then they took 15 people [to the mayor’s house]. I was strong enough, so I was one of them, because the mayor’s house was bombed, that we should clean it up. So I went to work hard,” he said.

Among the wreckage of the house, Greenfield came across live rabbits in cages that had survived the bombing.

“Carrying to the lady there with a baby, the mayor’s wife, I guess she was, to see, this is your white rabbit with the cage. A piece of crumb fell. We didn’t eat nothing. I survived maybe because I grew up on a farm. I knew what I could eat when I found grass or something that is edible. And I took the piece of thing to bite from the floor.”

“She’s a Nazi. She tells the Gestapo I ate up the food from the rabbits instead of saying thank you for the rabbits,” he said. Greenfield was subsequently beaten by the Gestapo.

Greenfield swore that he would kill the woman after what she did to him.

After the liberation, Greenfield and some other boys got a gun and went after her. But something happened when he saw her standing with her baby.
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