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March 2015



“Аналитика” от Глена…

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По поводу “исчезновения” Путина все очень странно. Вот только странность эта не со стороны Путина и власти, как мне представляется.

Путин “не появлялся” какое-то время. А что, Путин обязывался докладывать о каждой минуте и постоянно сидеть в “ящике”.

В общем, после того, как “исчезновение” Путина сопровождалось “аналитикой” со стороны и Западных СМИ, тоже, при этом, обговаривались самые невероятные версии и варианты, очень сложно тем самым “аналитикам” признаться в том, что вся их “аналитика” ушла в свисток.

Вот еще один пример аналитика со свистком.

Where has Vladimir Putin been for the past 11 days? Was he attending the birth of a secret love child? Was he sick? Was there a coup? No one in Russia is talking – but Putin’s now gearing Russia up for war. Most Americans haven’t heard about ‘Operation: Atlantic Resolve’, which has put troops in a line between Russia and Europe. Now Russia is bringing up nuclear weapons and organizing a massive military exercise. What is going on?

Here’s some background:

“I have had a serious feeling and prompting that we need to educate you on the armies of Armageddon, which is ISIS/ISIL. That’s what they believe they are. The army of Armageddon. And they are targeting the armies of Rome. This ties directly in to Russia,” Glenn explained on radio today. “Putin has stated that he is reestablishing the third Roman Empire. [Russia is] becoming the armies of Rome. They’re going into the Crimea, which they have taken, and they’re taking that and reestablishing that as the head of the Roman Empire, the spiritual head of Christianity. Putin has said that Christianity is lost and they are the defenders of the faith. This is why they’re going after the homosexuals in Russia. This is why they’re becoming more fascistic and religious fascistic. They are setting themselves up to be the ones who the world turns who when ISIS…starts to attack,” Glenn said.

So what did America just do in Europe?

The United States has joined NATO in Operation: Atlantic Resolve, something many Americans have never heard of.

CNN explains, “The U.S. Army says it will soon be sending armored Stryker vehicles on a 1,100-mile convoy through six European countries to show solidarity to allies in the wake of recent Russian actions in the Ukraine and Crimea that have Eastern Europe on edge.”

“Most Americans don’t understand that we have done something called Operation Atlantic Resolve. Atlantic Resolve has solidified our treaty with NATO. And we have now dropped all kind of arms and men into the old former Soviet Union, into all those Baltic states, and we have literally drawn a line between Russia and Europe. And we have troops now in align across Europe. And it’s Operation: Atlantic Resolve. And basically it is us saying, Russia, you’re contained. You are not to go any further,” Glenn said.

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