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The Lincoln Myth: Ideological Cornerstone of the America Empire

Очень хорошая статья об Истории Гражданской войны в США. О причинах войны, о Линкольне..

В общем, обо всем том, из-за чего сейчас здесь сносят памятники и т.д.

Thomas DiLorenzo

“Lincoln is theology, not historiology. He is a faith, he is a church, he is a religion, and he has his own priests and acolytes, most of whom . . . are passionately opposed to anybody telling the truth about him . . . with rare exceptions, you can’t believe what any major Lincoln scholar tells you about Abraham Lincoln and race.”
–Lerone Bennett, Jr., Forced into Glory, p. 114

The author of the above quotation, Lerone Bennett, Jr., was the executive editor of Ebony magazine for several decades, beginning in 1958. He is a distinguished African-American author of numerous books, including a biography of Martin Luther King, Jr. He spent twenty years researching and writing his book, Forced into Glory: Abraham Lincoln’s White Dream, from which he drew the above conclusion about the so-called Lincoln scholars and how they have lied about Lincoln for generations. For obvious reasons, Mr. Bennett is incensed over how so many lies have been told about Lincoln and race.

Few Americans have ever been taught the truth about Lincoln and race, but it is all right there in The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln (CW), and in his actions and behavior throughout his life. For example, he said the following:

“Free them [i.e. the slaves] and make them politically and socially our equals? My own feelings will not admit of this . . . . We cannot then make them equals” (CW, vol. II, p. 256.

“What I would most desire would be the separation of the white and black races” (CW, vol. II, p. 521).

“I have no purpose to introduce political and social equality between the white and black races . . . . I, as well as Judge Douglas, am in favor of the race to which I belong, having the superior position. I have never said anything to the contrary” (CW, vol. III, p, 16). (Has there ever been a clearer definition of “white supremacist”?).

“I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races . . . . I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people” (CW, vol. III, pp. 145-146).

“I will to the very last stand by the law of this state [Illinois], which forbids the marrying of white people with negroes” (CW, vol. III, p. 146).

“Senator Douglas remarked . . . that . . . this government was made for the white people and not for the negroes. Why, in point of mere fact, I think so too” (CW, vol. II, p. 281)
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Актуальный вопрос…

Так, кто на Украине настоящие террористы?

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“Найден еще один российский солдат…”

…Но нам его не покажут..

В Донецкой области под Марьинке задержан российский сержант, который через определенное время после этого погиб.
Об этом сообщает Твиттер Центра Миротворец, близкого к депутату Антону Геращенко.
“Под Марьинкой. Снова задержан российский военный. Говорит, что россиян там более 500 человек. Местных совсем мало”, – сказано в твите.

Под Марьинкой. И снова задержан российский военный. Говорит, что россиян там больше 500 человек. Местных совсем мало.

“Задержанный россиянин заблудший сержант, очень тяжело ранен. Помощь предоставлена. Плачет. Извиняется. Благодарит”, – добавили в твите.

Задержанный русский заблудший сержант ну очень тяжело ранен. Помощь оказана. Плачет. Извиняется. Благодарит.

В свою очередь депутат Антон Геращенко отметил в комментарии “Украинской правде”, что пока никаких подробностей дать не может, информация поступит позднее. Из его слов также можно понять, что задержанного должны передать спецслужбам.
Однако через некоторое время после сообщений твиттера и общение “Украинской правды” с Геращенко, в аккаунте центра появилось сообщение о том, что в российского солдата попал снаряд, и тот погиб, пока бойцы ходили за ношами.
“Прямое попадание”, – отметили в твиттере.
Украинская правда

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Не понимаю!..

По Сети гуляет жуткое видео.

И очень хочется надеяться, что это не настоящая казнь. Хочется надеяться, что это постановка.

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Взгляд на Украину. На войну…

Говорят, что снято итальянцами. Правда, все говорящие на английском, говорят с акцентом…

Но, кем бы оно не было снято, сделано хорошо.

“…Desperate run to safety…” — ©

О выходе украинских войск из Дебальцево..

ARTEMIVSK, Ukraine — When the order to retreat came over the radio Wednesday, most of the Ukrainian troops under siege in Debaltseve abandoned their heavy weapons, blew up their ammunition, and then fled in convoys of trucks as pro-Russian forces shot at them along the way.

But for Ilya Andrushko, one of about 30 members of Ukraine’s Lviv battalion, the only way to escape was on foot.

“We didn’t have a chance to think about the order when it came,” said Andrushko, 33. “We ran through the fields and the forests on foot, for about five kilometers. Then we just hitchhiked in whatever military vehicles would pick us up.”

After weeks under siege, nearly surrounded by rebels and calling for reinforcements that never came, they were already on the brink of collapse. They were almost out of food and water and were running out of ammunition.

Charged since mid-January with protecting the outskirts of the strategic rail town of Debaltseve, the battalion was facing the worst fighting in the Ukraine war’s hottest zone — without a commander. He abandoned them about a week ago, they said, and was blown up by a roadside bomb while fleeing.
It took them over four hours to cover the first 10 miles from Debaltseve to Svitlodarsk, the terminus for emergency and military vehicles shuttling soldiers, particularly the wounded, back to the base and the trauma hospital in Artemivsk, 20 more miles up the road.

By Wednesday afternoon, Andrushko and most of his fellow soldiers were squeezed into several rooms at the Hotel Ukraina in downtown Artemivsk, where, clearly rattled, they paced the halls, waiting for news from the rest of their team.

“We left everything in Debaltseve. We just came out with the clothes on our backs,” said Andrushko, shirtless except for a handgun he kept holstered to his chest. A few moments later, he wriggled out of his pants as well, handing them to his friend Volodymyr Trukhan, 29, whose only pair was ruined in the escape.

Standing in the hotel’s second-floor lobby wearing justhis underwear — and his handgun — Andrushko threw back his shoulders, puffed out his chest and yelled to his friend Roman, who was nursing a concussion: “Who are we?”

Andrushko and Roman roared in unison: “Lions!” — the symbol of their battalion, also tattooed on Andrushko’s chest.
Wednesday’s overnight retreat from Debaltseve left the soldiers physically exhausted and mentally torn. While the retreat was necessary, it was also late in coming, the soldiers said.

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The Independent про Украину…

Статья не очень большая…

Ukrainian forces are retreating from a key town where rebels appear to have emerged victorious after claiming that hundreds of government soldiers had surrendered or been captured.

President Petro Poroshenko declared that his forces were carrying out a “planned and organised” departure from the town of Debaltseve, which has been under siege by separatists for weeks and saw fierce battles yesterday despite a ceasefire declared on Sunday.

Speaking from a snowy airfield in Kiev before leaving for the frontlines, Mr Poroshenko praised Ukrainian forces, claiming they fulfilled their duty in defending the town and had shown the world “the true face of the bandits and separatists who are supported by Russia.”

About 80 per cent of Ukrainian forces had been withdrawn from Debaltseve with their weapons and another two columns were expected to leave today.
Vladimir Putin had earlier told Ukraine it should let its soldiers lay down their weapons and flee battles against rebels “to save their own lives”.

Separatists claimed hundreds of soldiers had already surrendered or been captured, although the numbers could not be confirmed.

The Russian President, who has denied persistent allegations that his government is arming the separatists, seemed to back the rebels in the battle for Debaltseve.
“I hope that the responsible figures in the Ukrainian leadership will not hinder soldiers in the Ukrainian army from putting down their weapons,” he said.

“If they aren’t capable of taking that decision themselves and giving that order, then (I hope) that they won’t prosecute people who want to save their lives and the lives of others.”

He added that he hoped the rebels would allow the Ukrainians to return to their families, once they had surrendered Debaltseve.
Thousands of Ukrainian troops were surrounded yesterday in the strategic railway hub as rebels seized parts of the town.
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Don’t Arm Ukraine

Статья об Украинской трагедии в Нью-Йорк Таймс.

The Ukraine crisis is almost a year old and Russia is winning. The separatists in eastern Ukraine are gaining ground and Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin, shows no signs of backing down in the face of Western economic sanctions.

Unsurprisingly, a growing chorus of voices in the United States is calling for arming Ukraine. A recent report from three leading American think tanks endorses sending Kiev advanced weaponry, and the White House’s nominee for secretary of defense, Ashton B. Carter, said last week to the Senate armed services committee, “I very much incline in that direction.”

They are wrong. Going down that road would be a huge mistake for the United States, NATO and Ukraine itself. Sending weapons to Ukraine will not rescue its army and will instead lead to an escalation in the fighting. Such a step is especially dangerous because Russia has thousands of nuclear weapons and is seeking to defend a vital strategic interest.

There is no question that Ukraine’s military is badly outgunned by the separatists, who have Russian troops and weapons on their side. Because the balance of power decisively favors Moscow, Washington would have to send large amounts of equipment for Ukraine’s army to have a fighting chance.

But the conflict will not end there. Russia would counter-escalate, taking away any temporary benefit Kiev might get from American arms. The authors of the think tank study concede this, noting that “even with enormous support from the West, the Ukrainian Army will not be able to defeat a determined attack by the Russian military.” In short, the United States cannot win an arms race with Russia over Ukraine and thereby ensure Russia’s defeat on the battlefield.

Proponents of arming Ukraine have a second line of argument. The key to success, they maintain, is not to defeat Russia militarily, but to raise the costs of fighting to the point where Mr. Putin will cave. The pain will supposedly compel Moscow to withdraw its troops from Ukraine and allow it to join the European Union and NATO and become an ally of the West.
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The Washington Post…

Статья из газеты об экономике Украины. В общем-то, в статье утверждается, что экономики почти нет.

Ukraine, to use a technical term, is broke. That’s what you call a country whose currency has lost half its value in just two days.

The problem is simple: Ukraine has no money and barely any economy. It’s already talking to the IMF about a $15 billion bailout and what’s euphemistically being called a debt “restructuring”—i.e., default—as its reserves have dwindled down to $6.42 billion, only enough to cover five weeks of imports. (Three months worth is considered the absolute least you can get by with).

So it was more than a bit belated for Ukraine to stop spending the few dollars it does have on propping up its currency, the hryvnia. It took until Thursday for it to do that, though, and, when it did, the reaction was swift and it was violent. The hyrvnia fell from 16.8 to 24.4 per dollar, and then again to 25.3 on Friday, on the news that the government wouldn’t intervene it in anymore. In all, it was a 50 percent decline in 48 hours. And this was despite the fact that its central bank simultaneously jacked up interest rates from 14 to 19.5 percent to try to get people to hold their money in hyrvinia that would pay them a lot instead of dollars that wouldn’t. That, as you can see, didn’t exactly work.

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Кто-то может сказать, что это пропаганда, вот только.. все перед глазами.

Кого называть террористами?

Очевидец обмена:

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New York Times…

Статья о ситуации на Украине…

The fighting in eastern Ukraine has flared up again, putting an end to any myth about the cease-fire that was supposed to be in force since September.

Though the Russian economy is staggering under the twinned onslaught of low oil prices and sanctions — or, conceivably, as a result of that onslaught — President Vladimir Putin has sharply cranked up his direct support for the rebels in the provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk, while continuing to baldly deny it and to blame all the violence on the United States.

Meanwhile, Ukraine is broke, and without the military means to move against the Russian-backed rebels. Most of the victims are civilians who struggle with hunger and dislocation in the rubble of the combat zones and die in the constant exchanges of shells and rockets.

The eruption of fighting in recent weeks, which was not supposed to happen until spring, has given new force to pleas to the Obama administration to give Ukraine the means to resist Mr. Putin — in money and in arms.

Certainly the United States and Europe should increase their aid to Ukraine and explore ways to expand existing sanctions against Russia. NATO’s commander, Gen. Philip Breedlove, is said to support providing weapons and equipment to Kiev. And Secretary of State John Kerry is said to be open to discussing the idea. But lethal assistance could open a dangerous new chapter in the struggle — a chapter Mr. Putin would quite possibly welcome, as it would “confirm” his propaganda claims of Western aggression.

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Против войны…

Очень тяжелый антивоенный ролик..

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Статья выбивающаяся из общего потока…

О властной верхушке на Украине…

Now three former foreigners—ex-American Natalia Yaresko (Minister for Finance), ex-Lithuanian Aivaras Abromavičius (Minister For Economy and Trade) and ex-Georgian Alexander Kvitashvili (Minister for Public Health)—are firmly established in their new cabinets. They are just the beginning. They gave up their U.S. and European passports with only two benefits in return: a $200-a-month salary and the chance to build a prosperous new Ukraine.

In a strange twist of fate, the Ukrainian ministers during their meetings now have to speak hated Russian—former foreigners do not speak Ukrainian well enough and locals do not speak English at the level necessary for complicated discussions on how to save a Ukraine economy that is disappearing before their eyes.

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Оливер Стоун любит конспирологию…

Во всяком случае, конспирологические теории он выстраивает неплохо.

Это о перевороте на Украине.

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Дети и война…

Страшное и несопоставимое одно с другим.

Дети с войной.

Но, когда приходит война, выбирать, видимо, уже не приходится.

Честно говоря, я не знаю, как к этому относиться?

Что это, героизм?..


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Научное исследование о том, что же случилось на Майдане…

Исследование канадского ученого Ивана Качановского..

Приведу только “Заключение”. Поскольку, исследование с “большим количеством букв”..

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Donetsk: An American Glance

RT by Miguel Francis

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Луганск. Голод…

И не только об этом. Статья, которую.. оставлю без комментария.

Было холодно, пасмурно и печально. Таксист спросил:

– У вас нет ощущения, что в городе чего-то не хватает?

– Есть, но не понимаю чего, – ответила я.

– Птиц почти не осталось, – сказал он. – Съели, когда стало совсем плохо.

Не могу вам передать всю ту гамму эмоций – от сострадания до чувства вины за лето с шашлыками, – которые я испытала от этих бесхитростных слов. Нечто подобное было в детстве, когда читали «Дневник Тани Савичевой»: девять страшных записей о гибели ее большой семьи в блокадном Ленинграде.

Вообще, у тех, кто смотрел войну по телевизору, сидя на мягком диване с чашечкой ароматного кофе, сложилось неправильное мнение, что самое страшное – это обстрелы, трупы женщин и детей на улицах, жизнь в подвалах и т. д. Конечно, с точки зрения телевизионной картинки – это жесть. Но «луганские блокадники» говорят, что к минометным обстрелам они со временем привыкли. И не только они, но даже их коты и собаки. В подвалы спускались, но далеко не все.

Это страшно звучит, но постепенно как летальную неизбежность стали воспринимать гибель соседей, знакомых, сотрудников и просто обычных прохожих у них на глазах. Об этом, кстати, рассказывают реже всего.
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О выборах на Донбассе…

..Мнение о выборах Анатолия Шария, которое мне было интересно.


Жутковатое видео…

…От А. Шария.

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