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Продолжение скандала…

Это скандал с фотографиями из Abu Ghraib

The nightmarish images from Abu Ghraib are still seared into the American consciousness: piles of naked bodies, detainees being led on leashes and U.S. soldiers giving a thumbs-up as it all happens. But now, a decade after they were made public, the U.S. government is trying to conceal as many as 2,100 additional photographs that are said to be even more disturbing.

A federal judge ruled in August that the Obama administration had to decide by October 21 whether it would release the images showing U.S. military personnel torturing detainees in Afghanistan and Iraq or defend its case, photograph by photograph, in order to continue withholding them. The administration said Tuesday that it intended to defend keeping the images secret and would supplement the record with its reasons.

This saga began back in 2004 when the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) first sued for the images’ release. Though it was ultimately successful in the trial and appeals courts, Obama said that he feared a release would “further inflame American opinion and…put our troops in greater danger,” and blocked it from happening.
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Wary of Privacy Issues?

Опять Сноуден.

Government whistleblower Edward Snowden gave the public a few words of wisdom, and caution, during a Saturday night video interview for The New Yorker Festival. During the hour-long conversation with The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer, Snowden advised viewers to get rid of Dropbox, and to avoid using high-profile online services such as Facebook and Google, if they wanted to protect their privacy in the ever-more-informed Information Age.

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Second U.S. Ebola Case: Texas Health Care Worker Tests Positive

И еще немного про Эболу.

SAN ANTONIO Texas (Reuters) – A health worker in Texas at the hospital where the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States died last week has tested positive for the deadly virus in a preliminary test, the state’s health department said on Sunday.

U.S. authorities are stepping up efforts to stop the spread of the virus, with medical teams at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport on Saturday beginning the screening of travelers from the three West African countries hardest hit by the worst Ebola outbreak on record.

The worker at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital reported a low-grade fever Friday night and was isolated and referred for testing, the Texas Department of State Health Services said in a statement.

“We knew a second case could be a reality, and we’ve been preparing for this possibility,” said Dr. David Lakey, commissioner of the health service.

The worker tested positive in a preliminary test at the state public health laboratory in Austin.
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Трудоустройство для людей, имеющих инвалидность

В США очень много сделано для того, чтобы человек с инвалидностью не чувствовал себя оторванным от жизни.

Однако, с трудоустройством, все, по-прежнему, не очень хорошо.

Это, если выражаясь мягко.

Employment for persons with disabilities is much lower than for persons without disabilities. In a 2010 Harris Interactive survey titled The ADA, 20 Years Later, the Kessler Foundation and the National Organization on Disability (NOD) found that only 21% of persons with disabilities aged 18–64 are employed full- or part-time, far below the 59% reported for persons without disabilities. A 2008 study by Cornell University put the employment rate for working-age persons with disabilities (ages 21–64) at 39.5%. Other studies may yield different figures, depending on their definition of disability or economic conditions at the time, but they all show similar disparity.

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Про Китай

Хорошая статья, из Newsweek.

This goes to the heart of the matter. In 1971, when Kissinger first went to China, the U.S. economy was roughly five times that of the People’s Republic. Forty years later, as a result of the industrial revolution unleashed by Mao’s successor Deng Xiao-ping, it is conceivable that China could overtake America within a decade. This is a feat the Soviet Union never came close to achieving. Moreover, China is now the biggest foreign holder of U.S. Treasury notes, which form an important part of its vast $3 trillion of international reserves. How China will use its newfound economic power may be the most important question of our time. Few Americans are better placed to answer that question than Kissinger, who has dealt with four generations of Chinese leaders.


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Земные проблемы большого проповедника

Статья о Билли Грэме (Billy Graham)

В России должны помнить этого проповедника.

Ему сейчас уже за 90 и у него большая семья.

Со всеми проблемами, как и у большинства семей, в общем-то.

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Писано про Америку…


Это заключение из той самой статьи, ссылку на которую я дал в предыдущем посте.

А любопытным мне показалось то, что, как мне кажется, несмотря на то, что написано про США, — это очень хорошо характеризует состояние, в котором россияне живут уже давно.

Очень давно.

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Как бы, в подтверждение..

Это к тому, о чем я написал в предыдущем посте.

Статья из Newsweek

It may be time to move beyond pessimism. Ever since the financial crisis, Americans have wallowed in fear and anxiety. Understandably. Although a recovery — as defined by academic economists — started about two years ago, it hasn’t felt like one. Of the 8.7 million payroll jobs lost in the recession, only 1.8 million have returned. The recovery rivals the slowest since World War II and faces continued threats. High oil prices. Europe’s debt crisis. Unexpected inflation. Washington’s bickering over the federal debt ceiling.

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Страдания палестинского Президента Абаса

Все на английском, но, на мой взгляд, статья достаточно интересная.

Про страдания политиков и какова цена обещания в их среде.

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Newsweek про Библию и Любовь

Я не знаю, насколько серьезными были те исследования, о которых здесь пишут, но…

В общем, статья из Newsweek

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Статья из Newsweek. “Праздничная” статья.

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Про республиканцев

Про их возможную стратегию в случае победы в следующий вторник.

Статья из Newsweek.

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Мир бурлит

В России — небывалая жара. В Пакистане, — все залило водой.

И, какие-то, невероятно гигантские цифры пострадавших.

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How Pakistan Helps the Taliban

Еще одну статью нашел в Newsweek и решил оставить себе.

Просто любопытно, как Пакистан всех “сделал”.

The Afghan Taliban logistics officer laughs about the news he’s been hearing on his radio this past week. The story is that a Web site known as WikiLeaks has obtained and posted thousands of classified field reports from U.S. troops in Afghanistan, and hundreds of those reports mention the Americans’ suspicions that Pakistan is secretly assisting the Taliban—a charge that Pakistan has repeatedly and vehemently denied. “At least we have something in common with America,” the logistics officer says. “The Pakistanis are playing a double game with us, too.”

Полностью. На англ.

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“Ядерные игры”

Как пишет Newsweek, Саудовская Аравия тоже не прочь поиграть в “ядерные игры”.

Только, в отличие от Ирана, это многими приветствуется.

Saudi Arabia wants to go nuclear. Like many developing nations, the kingdom has seen its electricity demand soar in recent years—more than 8 percent annually—and is actively searching for alternatives to fossil fuels. Enter nuclear power: last month Saudi Arabia announced a joint initiative with Japan’s Toshiba and American firms the Shaw Group and Exelon to build and operate at least two nuclear power plants in the country. This comes on the heels of the establishment in April of the King Abdullah City for Nuclear and Renewable Energy, an organization to manage future energy sources.

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Китай и…

Очень интересная, на мой взгляд, статья о Китае.

Из Newsweek

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Как авиакатастрофа помогла Польше стать нормальной

Очень любопытная, на мой взгляд, статья из журнала “Newsweek”. Статья на английском.

Несколько цитат:

At one point, the Kaczynskis almost paralyzed the Union with their macabre demand that Polish World War II dead should be included in the population numbers that determine the country’s weight in EU votes and institutions. Mired in corruption, political parties exploited deep social and economic fissures between disgruntled communist-era apparatchiks, a poor and backward countryside that has not yet arrived in the modern economy, and the middle-class, largely urban winners of the post-1989 transition to capitalism. The Kaczynskis personified a paranoid style of Polish politics that lashed out at foreigners and minorities, and saw the country endangered by plots and conspiracies.

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Статья о Чемпионате Мира по футболу

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Еще одна война, но — очень близко

Пока США проводит военные операции в Ираке и в Афганистане, у границ самой США уже давно идет настоящая война. В Мексике идет война с наркомафией.

И, конечно же, это все очень хорошо чувствуется в приграничных с Мексикой штатах.

Большая статья об этом из Newsweek.

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Победители и побежденные

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