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Последствия от понижения цен на нефть…

То, что в России последствия печальные, — уже известно всем.

Теперь, — не из России.

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Цены на нефть и не только они…

Интервью с Президентом Обамой.

INSKEEP: Are you just lucky that the price of oil went down and therefore their currency collapsed or…

OBAMA: Well…

INSKEEP: Is it something that you did?

OBAMA: If you’ll recall, their economy was already contracting and capital was fleeing even before oil collapsed. And part of our rationale in this process was that the only thing keeping that economy afloat was the price of oil.

And if, in fact, we were steady in applying sanction pressure, which we have been, that over time it would make the — the economy of Russia sufficiently vulnerable that if and when there were disruptions with respect to the price of oil — which inevitably, there are going to be sometime, if not this year then next year or the year after — that they’d have enormous difficulty managing it.

I — I say that, not to suggest that we’ve solved Ukraine, but I’m saying that to — to give an indication that when it comes to the international stage, these problems are big, they’re difficult, they’re messy. But wherever we have been involved over the last several years, I think the outcome has been better because of American leadership.

Ebola — there was a moment as recently as six weeks ago when people were absolutely convinced that this is a problem we couldn’t solve. Because of American leadership, not only have we not seen another Ebola case here in the United States — and when we do, we’ll be prepared for it — but internationally, resources, medics, testing, science has poured into poor countries. We’re practically rebuilding their public health infrastructure because of our leadership.

It doesn’t happen in two weeks; it doesn’t happen in — in four weeks. But if we’re steady about it and we’re focused and we’re clear that we possess capacities as well as values that require us to engage, that we’ll be successful.

INSKEEP: Just to wrap this up with this idea that you began with, of doing things that you want to do rather than…

OBAMA: Yeah.

INSKEEP: Have to do, has your limited response to ISIS in Iraq and Syria been driven in part by a sense that this is a very dangerous threat, but not the biggest problem the United States faces in the world, and you do not want to be distracted from far bigger things going on elsewhere?

OBAMA: I think we can’t underestimate the danger of ISIL. They are a terrorist network that, unlike Al Qaeda, has not limited itself to the periodic attack but have aspirations to control large swaths of territory, that possess resources and effectively an army that pose great dangers to our allies and can destabilize entire regions that are very dangerous for us.

So, I — I don’t want to downplay that threat. It is a real one; it’s the reason why I’ve authorized, as part of a broader 60 nation coalition, an effort to fight back and to push them back and ultimately destroy them.

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Цена на бензин в Орегоне…

Цена на бензин в США упала сильно. Я за рулем не сижу, но, когда куда-то еду, посматриваю цены на автозаправках.

Давно не смотрел.

Итак, месяцев 6-ть назад цена подбегала к 4-ем долларам за галлон.

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Совсем немного, — к предыдущему…

К этому…

В России сейчас много говорят о том, что цены на нефть специально делают низкими, то есть, против цены на нефть кто-то “играет”..

Не знаю.


С приходом Обамы в Белый дом США изменили свою политику по энергоресурсам. До этого, в США практически не добывали нефть, в основном, покупали. Имею в виду, на территории самих США.

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Цены на нефть рухнули…

В буквальном смысле этого слова.

Сейчас цена уже меньше $70 за баррель.

Но я сейчас смотрю Bloomberg TV. Показывают биржи в Азии. Акции практически всех компаний очень сильно выросли в цене. Особенно акции транспортных компаний, к примеру, авиационных.

Если все пойдет также и дальше, можно предполагать, что рост цен на нефть в ближайшее время будет неизбежным. Оживление транспортных компаний и оживление вообще, логически должно потянуть и цены на нефть.

Или я где-то ошибаюсь?

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Obama’s Stupid Sanctions Give Putin New Oil Bonanza

Oil and Sanctions

US President Barack Obama, or at least the warhawk neo-conservatives pushing him to war everywhere, are beginning to get hit with the boomerang of their stupid economic sanctions against Putin’s Russia. A few days ago, Russia’s largest oil company, state-run OAO Rosneft, headed by close Putin ally, Igor Sechin, announced discovery of a giant new oil field in Russia’s Arctic north of Murmansk. The stupid part comes from Obama’s decision to agree to impose sanctions on Sechin and his company and to prohibit US companies from doing business with them.

On September 27, in a joint announcement, Rosneft and US oil giant, ExxonMobil announced discovery of a huge new oil deposit, the Universitetskaya-1 well in the Kara Sea. For more than two decades Russian oil companies had dreamed of tapping what they believed were huge oil deposits in the Arctic. In 2011 the CEO of ExxonMobil, the largest of the US giant oil companies and the heart of the original Rockefeller oil group, signed a joint venture agreement with Sechin’s Rosneft to drill in the Russian Arctic. Universitetskaya-1 flow data suggests a discovery of between 750 million and one billion barrels of high-quality sweet, light crude oil, worth between 7.5 trillion and 10 trillion dollars at today’s price.

The Kara Sea find is only the first in a region that experts say has the potential to become one of the world’s most important crude-producing areas, bigger than the Gulf of Mexico. Estimates are that the exploration region of Rosneft in the Kara Sea, Universitetskaya, the geological structure being drilled, is the size of the city of Moscow and large enough to contain more than 9 billion barrels of oil. The first well was the most expensive in ExxonMobil history, costing some $600 million to drill. In a great understatement, Sechin told the press, “It exceeded our expectations. This discovery is of exceptional significance in showing the presence of hydrocarbons in the Arctic.”
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