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Протесты против Трампа…

Очень интересно, оказывается, кто-то за это платит.

Это Майями.

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Это Филадельфия.

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Джесси Джексон в Портланде…

Во времена, еще СССР, этого уже немолодого сейчас, а тогда — ого-го, Гражданина, часто показывали по ТВ, когда “весь Советский Народ” наблюдал за Президентской гонкой в США. На каком-то там этапе Джесси Джексон был тайной надеждой того самого народа. Надеждой на то, что “вот станет он Президентом США и тогда у СССР, будет ну, если и не союзник, то, в общем-то, и не враг.”

Честно говоря, я уже думал что этого когда-то “претендента на пост Президента” уже нет в американской политике.

Жив, однако. В Портланд приезжает…

PORTLAND, Ore. — Civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson will reportedly attend a Ferguson rally in Portland Saturday night.

The Don’t Shoot Portland Facebook page announced that Jackson would be joining the 6 p.m. rally at the Justice Center in downtown Portland.

The group said Jackson would be speaking at the rally. The Oregonian’s Joseph Rose confirmed that Rev. Jackson would be joining the Portland protest.

The Oregonian spoke to Jackson while he was waiting for a Portland-bound flight from Chicago Saturday morning.

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Это все дотянулось до Портланда…

В Центре Портланда протесты, которые начались в Фергюсоне, превратились в противостояние с полицией.

Есть арестованные…

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – Police in Portland used pepper spray and made several arrests as roughly 300 demonstrators protesting a grand jury decision not to indict a Missouri police officer in the killing of an unarmed teenager roamed the city, blocking traffic Tuesday night.

Officers finally used loudspeakers to tell the crowd to disperse. Protesters trying to get away from police then headed up a narrow staircase and met more officers. By 8 p.m. the protest had largely dispersed.

The smaller protest group marched across a major Willamette River bridge into east Portland after a downtown rally and march that drew about 1,000 people wound down. Bus and light rail traffic was disrupted.

Around 9:30 p.m., a crowd quietly gathered at Salmon Springs and the protest generally ended along the waterfront. Police were not noticeably present.

The protest began around 6:30 p.m., about 2.5 hours after a rally began at the Justice Center at SW 3rd and Madison. For 90 minutes, the swelling crowd listened to speakers organized by the Albina Ministerial Alliance Coalition for Justice and Police Reform. A march through the streets of Portland began peacefully and they chanted, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”, the chant first used when Michael Brown was shot August 9 by Ferguson officer Darren Wilson.

It remained peaceful until a group split off from the main marchers and clashed with police.

Police in riot gear prevented the protesters from crossing the Morrison and Burnside bridges. The crowd also went up westbound Stark and headed toward MLK as the Mounted Patrol unit made its presence known. Police tried to get the protesters off the bridge and out of the streets, and that was the moment things got a bit out of control.

Protesters jumped the barrier and tried to get on Interstate 5, and protesters began throwing rocks and bottles.

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