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June 2021



Смерть под трамваем

Сегодня мужчина умер, после того, как попал под подходящий к остановке трамвай.

Основная версия — самоубийство.

Это прямо здесь, на той остановке, с которой я уезжаю и приезжаю. Совсем рядом с тем местом, где я живу.

PORTLAND – A pedestrian was struck by a MAX train and killed in Northeast Portland Thursday morning, police said.

Emergency responders were called about 10:45 a.m. to the report that man had been struck by the train at Northeast 122nd Avenue and Burnside Street, said Lt. Eric Schober of the transit division.

Crews arrived and found the victim suffering from traumatic injuries. Medical personnel were unable to save him, Schober said.

The man in his 50s was apparently walking along 122nd as the train was slowing to approach a platform on Burnside, Schober said.

Witnesses said the man was stumbling and suddenly fell, hitting his head on the side of the train.

Some of the passengers jumped out to help, with one even wrapping a shirt around the man’s head to help stop the bleeding, a witness told KGW. But the man died from his injuries.

MAX lines and traffic lanes were temporarily stopped in both directions on Burnside. Northeast 122nd Avenue was extremely slow.

A major crash team was investigating.


Здесь карта на Google Maps

Рассказывают, что тело лежало в течение трех часов. Шло следствие. Трамвай в это время тоже был остановлен.

О самоубийствах…

…среди солдат Армии США, принимавших участие в боевых действиях.

Rates of suicide in the military were slightly worse during the war years than what the Pentagon previously reported, according to new calculations released by Defense Department officials Friday.

The new arithmetic shows that from 2006 forward — during the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan — the true suicide rate across the U.S. military was actually several tenths of a percent to 1% or more higher than what was being reported.

“It took us time and effort to sit down and really just kind of figure out a better way to do the math,” says Jacqueline Garrick, director of the Defense Suicide Prevention Office. She said the delay was a need to standardize how suicides are counted across the military.

The problem with the old, now-abandoned calculation, is that it relied partly on an estimated figure in determining a suicide rate rather than precise numbers, says Army Lt. Gen. Michael Linnington, the military deputy to the under secretary of Defense for personnel and readiness.

The old rates were calculated by the Office of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner, according to the Pentagon,

“It’s jaw-dropping that the Pentagon would use this kind of crass calculation to measure the impact of the suicide epidemic within their ranks,” says Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., a senior member of the Veterans Affairs Committee. “If that recalculation in any way indicates a need for additional funding or new services, the Pentagon and Congress must respond to address a problem which is clearly worse than we had been led to believe.”

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Какое-то странное происшествие…

Даже, на мой взгляд, очень странное. Я, даже, не пытаюсь коментироывать. Потому что совсем не понимаю ни связи, ни логики совершившейся трагедии.

В Москве, в здании Российской государственной детской библиотеки (РГДБ), покончил с собой мужчина.

Инцидент произошел в среду, 23 апреля, во Всемирный день книги. Мужчина был обнаружен повесившимся в техническом помещении на крыше здания на Калужской площади, в котором, помимо библиотеки, располагаются еще несколько организаций и жилой комплекс.

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Предсмертная записка

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Final Exit Network

Знакомьтесь! Организация, которая в США помогает людям покончить жизнь самоубийством.

Final Exit Network

We believe the needs of those who are suffering are paramount.
We applaud the work of organizations that seek legislative action to strengthen our right to die a peaceful and painless death at the time and place of our choosing. However, we feel that legislative change will not come soon enough for the many people who need help NOW and in the interim!


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